Product Licensing

We are always happy to talk to publishers who may be interested in licensing our software. We provide a full development service of the highest standard to customise our products to suit your requirements, and all in a realistic timeframe. Various licensing options are available.

Game Development

Bulldog specialises in developing for the PC platform using the powerful C/C++ programming language, making full use of the Microsoft DirectX API. Bulldog undertakes every aspect of the development cycle from concept design, through to programming, artwork, integration of audio and QA testing. We are passionate about games and are always keen to talk to publishers about developing new titles for your portfolio.

Application Development

Do you need a bespoke app developing to solve a particular problem? Off-the-shelf software does not always meet the needs of your business and sometimes the only way forward is to have an app custom built from the ground up. Bulldog will liase with your team and design a product that delivers the software solution that is right for you AND your budget. Whether it's a simple app with a text and menu based interface, or a complex app containing interactive 3D visuals, we can deliver.

Website Development

In addition to making games and apps, we also develop websites. Our emphasis is on creating simple and uncluttered sites that combine style, elegance and ease of use. We understand that every project is unique and so we work closely with our clients to build a solution that fits your budget and satisfies your exact requirements. Our turnaround is fast but never rushed, and we're confident that you'll be impressed with our fixed price rates too. Whether it's a small website or a something a bit more substantial, perhaps incorporating shopping carts and ecommerce, we are happy to assist.

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