• I've downloaded Cue Club and paid for it. But now my machine has crashed and I've lost the game.
    Unless you backed up the original download file you will have to purchase another copy. Remember that the CD-ROM version will enable you to recover the game at no expense if your system crashes again. You can buy the very latest version of Cue Club on CD-ROM or download direct from us here.

  • I've had problems running Cue Club on my machine.
    There is a corrective patch below which fixes bugs with earlier versions of the game. Release date 17/04/2007. You will need a video card with at least 2MB of memory and DirectX10 to run Cue Club. Download the latest version of DirectX from Microsoft (follow the link on our demo page). Download the latest drivers for your video card from your card manufacturer's website. If all else fails, you should try re-installing the game.

    CueClub CD-ROM patch V1.64.
    CueClub digital download patch V1.64.
    International CueClub CD-ROM patch V1.64.
    International CueClub digital download patch V1.64.

  • I can't hear any music playing.
    Music is only available on the CD-ROM version, not the download version or demo. This is to greatly reduce download time. First check that the Cue Club CD is in the drive, as you need it to play the music. Check in-game that the music is turned on from the audio menu. Also check the volume settings from within Windows. If you have 2 CD drives, try uninstalling the game and re-installing from the other drive.

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