"Cue Club not only features the best looking rendered balls in gaming history with reflections, lighting and smart sounds. You also get the best pool gaming experience yet on the PC with lots of stylish characters to play against, loads of rule sets, different types of balls, tables and rails."
PC Player - May 2000

"The game is fun to play from a top-down-only point of view and features several shot-taking methods, including pushing the mouse back and forth to emulate the cue. Ball action looks authentic and the angles are good ... Cue Club has plenty going for it."
PC Gaming World - May 2000

"One of the most underestimated releases coming up is Cue Club from Bulldog Interactive. Shunning the 3D views taken by other snooker/pool/billiard games Cue Club takes a top-down 2D approach to the proceedings. Which, incidentally, doesn't hurt the game a bit - if anything, it enhances the stunning playability ... There are eight distinct rooms, each with their own style, themes and characters. If you prefer a bit of real-life competition, the two-player mode is superb fun."
The Future In Store - July 2000

Cue Club features as a 'recommended' game in CTW 7th July 2000

"It's basically a highly comprehensive, and indeed highly playable pool and snooker simulation ... Some gamers may criticise the game because of the lack of 3D, but Cue Club makes up for this with not only an abundance of ridiculously under-dressed female characters, but also superb physics and realistic game-play. If you're the type who likes nothing more than to play with rods and balls, then give this a bash. You'll keep coming, back for more."
Gameswire.com - July 2000 - 4 Stars

"Cue Club's major claim to originality is its system of 'rooms' within the virtual club it is named after ... Graphics are crisp and clear and the sound of ball hitting ball is just right ... CueClub is more then well worth a look at the price ... A fine top-down view pool and snooker title with lots of game variations at a good price."
PC Gaming World - July 2000 - Recommended 4 Stars

"The A.I. is a real Turing Test contender"
PC Gamer - August 2000

"enjoy what is a very simple, but addictive game."
PC Zone - August 2000

"Cue Club is one of those great distraction games, something to eat up hours without you realising. Being a pool game, all you do is whack some ivory spheres around, but Cue Club does it with such style that you'll be instantly hooked. The graphics are fantastic, the game modes almost endless and the challenge constant. The meat of the challenge is in the championship modes where you'll progress against a bunch of motley characters. Or you can head to a lounge and accept or offer a match with one of the dubious characters hanging around. Viewed from overhead you just pick a shot, having checked the rules for whichever variety of game you're playing and whack or caress the white ball with your cue. Your cue control interface is almost perfection with power, angle and spin all easily adjustable. Line up the shot and watch the excellently rendered balls rocket around the table with immaculate reflections and lighting. Start winning competitions and you open up more sets of balls, different coloured cloths and rails as well as better, more accurate cues to choose from. The reward factor will keep you playing Cue Club even longer than the simple and fun gameplay. With bags of character to it, more options than you can shake your cue at, this is just as addictive as any game you'll ever play and with all the polish it easily impresses."
PC Player - August - 88%

"This is the most entertaining, realistic and above all fun pool game yet."
Computeractive - August 2000

"Whatever your favoured pool or cue club variation, they have all been faithfully created."
Gameplay - September 2000

"Hyper Realistic pool game accompanied by a seventies soundtrack."
PC Direct - October 2000

Cue Club wins Take5 award for "Best Video Game of 2000" - November 2000